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Rod Farrell

Way back in 1999 (before some current website developers were born) I built a HTML website for my IT Recruitment business.  It ranked on page one of searches in Alta Vista (yes that long ago) in 2 days.  Boy have things changed!

Over the next 5 or 6 years through the .com boom and bust, and a few career changes, I built a number of business websites for friends and friends of friends.  Suddenly everybody with a business wanted a website but few new how a website could help them or what they wanted the website to do.  My first stock standard question for a client became "What will be the purpose of the website?" Out of that came the name Websites With Purpose.

Websites With Purpose

In 2006 I discovered the Joomla content management system (CMS) which was at that stage less than 1 year old.  It was one of the first CMS and was a huge step forward in speeding up the development of new websites.  Under the brand of Websites With Purpose I have been developing websites in Joomla ever since with a few side forrays into Opencart, Shopify, Wordpress and Magento. 

Business Focus, Not Technology Focus

With many years of business background my focus has always been on producing websites that meet the specific business needs of each client.  That could be a simple information site, a sales site heavy with videos, ecommerce sites including shopping carts and online booking systems, business directories and more.   While Joomla is my platform of choice, a website is not about technology.  Its about meeting your business needs.

Some of the more complex website projects we have completed include a corporate intranet shopping cart with multiple customer groups each with their own pricing, integrated with an SAP purchasing system and Oracle Netsuite ERP system for managing stock levels.  In fact we have integrated Joomla shopping carts with a number of ERP systems.  At the other end of the scale we can produce fast efficient 1 or 2 page landing pages.

My focus on business needs meant that we were among the first website developers in Australia to make all of our sites mobile friendly, among the first to move to a mobile first focus and among the first to adopt Googles preferred Accelerated Mobile Pages as standard in all new sites.  These innovations were not about following trends and chasing the latest technology, we embraced these because they added value for our clients and keep many of our websites out ranking our client's competitors.

What Does Your Business Need?

Before your appoint a website developer, or even talk to one you need to ask yourself, "What does my business need?".  When you have answered that question, come and talk to us about creating a solution.