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Joomla is constantly evolving so some Jomla tutorials, or some aspects of these tutorials can go out of date.  We are working to keep them up to date but if you find any issues, think an explanation could be clearer or would like to see a tutorial on another subject please email us.

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Hikashop Tutorials

Hikashop is a powerful shopping cart extension for Joomla

Over the years we have worked with a number of Joomla Shopping Cart extensions including Virtuemart, Hikaship, MijoShop, Redshop and some that don't even exist any more but we always come back to Hikashop because of its flexibility, stability and ease of use.  We have also integrated Hikashop with SAP, Oracle Netsuite and other Joomla extensions.

Not A Tutorial - A Blatant Plug  For Us

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